Addressing - Guest Address


Addressing - Guest Address

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Recipient or 'TO' address

Save time and envelopes! Let us address your envelopes, using matching fonts from your invitations. 

Currently available with black ink only.

Addressing services available on the following envelope colors: White, Cream, Blush, Kraft 

For dark-colored envelopes, check out our envelope wraps.


How It Works
Mailing lists need to be in a spreadsheet format in the following manner. Microsoft Excel works the best for this process, but if you don’t have access to Excel, free programs like Libre Office are also acceptable. 
To ensure your information is compatible with our process, prepare your spreadsheet in the following manner.
Create columns for the information you need. For your recipient line, a single column works best. This will better handle situations like “Mr. and Mrs Jones”, “The Jones Family” or “Martin Jones and Partner”.
Create separate columns for address, city, state and Zip. Your
spreadsheet should look something like the picture to the left.
NOTE: Your information will print exactly how it is entered,
so watch for inconsistencies in spelling and mixed case scenarios (i.e. The Jones Family not THE JOneS Family.) Remember, do your best to get the information entered properly. Our system is not capable of deciding what should have been printed when errors are made. The United States Postal Service will not mail to improperly addressed addresses.
After reviewing your addresses and you are sure they are correct, upload the final copy of your data in one of the following formats: Microsoft Excel, Libre Office Spreadsheet, Tab Delimited Text File.